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Fall is here! Winter is coming.  And yes, I may already be on my third pumpkin spice latte today (feel free to judge). Nonetheless, I’m oh so happy to announce that as our air gets cooler, we’ve got some even cooler educational webcasts to help you learn more about vCloud Air (see what we did there?)

Each of the below tracks delivers three webcasts including a few that are part of VMware’s upcoming and highly popular vForum Online.  We’ve designed them all to offer something of interest, no matter where you “fall” (pun intended) in the hybrid cloud adoption cycle.

Track A: vSphere and Beyond: Evolving Your Data Center to the Cloud

These webcasts are perfect for current vSphere users who are looking toward cloud as a way to scale their infrastructure. Our experts walk you through key considerations and best practices for a successful and seamless transition to hybrid.

The VMware Journey to Cloud with vCloud Air – October 19

  • Jim Armstrong, Product Marketing Manager, VMware
  • Chris Spencer, Product Marketing, VMware

VMware has been on a more than 10-year disruptive journey to revolutionize the data center. Today we’re continuing that revolution in the cloud, and providing a true hybrid data center solution. With this session, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the many business benefits that hybrid cloud brings.

Designing a Data Center in the Cloud: A vCloud Air Perspective – October 26

  • Michael Francis, Principal Architect, VMware
  • Kevin Gorman, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware

Public clouds deliver infrastructure on demand and are an ideal destination for projects with limited planning times. However, a noncompatible public cloud can add to your timeline and costs by forcing applications to be rearchitected or redesigned. In this webcast, Kevin and Michael show you how the VMware vCloud Air public cloud solution lets you replicate your on-premises network infrastructure to the cloud with the same network, security, and access control policies across environments. They’ll also provide reference architecture examples with on-premises to vCloud Air comparisons.

Virtualization 2.0: How the Cloud Is Evolving the Modern Data Center – November (as part of vForum Online)

  • David Hill, Cloud Strategist and Lead Evangelist, VMware

A recent Forrester study showed that 73 percent of companies surveyed plan to virtualize at least half of their infrastructure, but it’s not just IT practices that are changing; virtualization is changing, too. While Virtualization 1.0 untethered VMs from the underlying server, for this webcast, David will discuss how new approaches today are untethering VMs from the data center itself, blurring the line between on-premises and cloud to create a more agile, robust, and scalable modern IT infrastructure.

Track B: Technically Speaking: Technically Speaking:  Deep Dive into vCloud Air

These webcasts are designed for users who want to dig a little deeper into the technical side. Through these webcasts you’ll learn how to better manage security policies and take advantage of vCloud Air features to quickly provision and manage resources.

Extending Your Data Center to vCloud Air in Less than 60 Minutes –  part of vForum Online)

  • Jim Armstrong, Product Marketing Manager, VMware
  • Neal Elinski, Solution Strategist, VMware

Seasonal and dynamic workloads often lead to overprovisioning and underutilization of IT resources, constraining availability and provisioning time. With common management, seamless networking, and unified support, VMware vCloud Air provides a true hybrid experience and the next natural step in your virtualization journey. In this webcast, Jim and Neal demonstrate how to extend your data center to the cloud in less than 60 minutes. They’ll also walk through technologies including Direct Connect, VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM), Advanced Networking Services (ANS), virtual machine migration, Active Directory, VMware vRealize Automation(vRA), and vRealize Operations Management Pack (vROps). You’ll take away a clear understanding of the setup process and ongoing operations  required to help you extend your on-premises data center to vCloud Air.

Key Technical Considerations for Deploying a Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform – December 7

Security is often one of the biggest inhibitors to public cloud adoption in the enterprise data center. What if you could leverage all the security policies and processes that you’ve standardized on in your on-premises data center in the public cloud? Attend this webcast to see how you can make your public cloud platform just as secure with vCloud Air, the public cloud platform built on the solid foundation of vSphere. vCloud Air with Advanced Networking Services, powered by NSX, provides you with enterprise-grade cloud networking and security services. Attend this webcast to learn the benefits of leveraging:

  • Trust groups that enable a Zero Trust Security Model
  • Dynamic routing, supporting BGP and OSPF
  • Expanded network scalability, from 10 to 200 network segments per virtual data center
  • High Capacity point-to-site VPN (SSL) and Enhanced load-balancing (HTTPS)

Better Together: vRealize Automation and vCloud Air  – December 14

  • Neal Elinski, Solution Strategist, VMware

With the release of VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.0, VMware vCloud Air is now front and center as a standalone endpoint. This new product integration provides simplified discovery and management of your cloud resources. Features such as a self-service catalog, deployment automation, granular resource control, and compliance enforcement are now more accessible to your cloud than ever before. In this webcast, Neal reviews the benefits of using vRealize Automation and vCloud Air, in addition to walking through a standard configuration to demonstrate how you can take advantage of this powerful combination.

Track C:  Get Down to Business: A Cloud Journey Playbook

More often than not, the first step in the cloud journey begins with making a making the case for business.  Theses webcasts highlight business imperatives, trends and challenges that will help you decide what solution is best for your organization, and how you can get started on planning and implementation. The third webcast offers a real-world engagement.

vCloud Air Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Deep Dive – (as part of vForum Online)

  • David Hill, Cloud Strategist and Lead Evangelist, VMware

In this webcast, David will discuss what you need to know about VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery and Data Protection. He focuses on how these solutions are architected and what that implies in real-life implementations. In addition David provides valuable solutions for tough design challenges today and in anticipation of future needs.

Designing a Business Continuity Solution in the Cloud – NOVEMBER 9

  • Speaker TBD

Businesses globally are enthusiastically embracing hybrid cloud as a way of both reducing costs and improving the quality of service that IT provides to end customers. More and more of these businesses are looking to VMware vCloud Air to deploy a disaster recovery and continuity solution in a hybrid cloud model. This webcast offers a deeper technical understanding of how to leverage the hybrid cloud to gain benefits of geographic diversity and agile scaling for growth, while continuing to use tools in which you have already invested.

Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud: A Real World Example –  November 16

  • Michael Francis, Principal Architect, VMware
  • Kevin Gorman, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware

True hybrid cloud is about seamlessly extending your on-premises infrastructure into the cloud. This webcast will help you to understand the design considerations and the realities of extending your data center to VMware vCloud Air with VMware Hybrid Cloud Manager(HCM). Michael and Kevin use a real world engagement as the basis for this presentation and they’ll discuss the planning, design, deployment, and validation of the solution involved.

And while we’ve created each of these tracks with specific audiences in mind for each, please know that signing up for one track doesn’t exclude you from another! Knowledge is power! Register for one or all! Like a freshly raked pile of autumn leaves we encourage you to jump in anywhere and at any time!

No matter which webcast or complete 3-part track you choose, you’ll also be directed to additional downloads for more information as well as opportunities to sign on for future webcasts. Don’t wait, register today and save the dates!