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This VMworld, there’s been plenty of buzz around new SDDC innovations. Indisputably, cloud adoption is on the rise – but today’s IT teams are looking even further ahead: there’s a dream of anytime, anywhere mobility in the Cross-Cloud era. At the forefront of this, is vCloud Air Network partner OVH. They are pushing the envelope with on-demand software-defined datacentres and virtual cloud desktop services.

That’s why, on this second day of VMworld 2016 Europe, we’re thrilled for OVH CEO Laurent Allard to join VMware Executive Vice President & CTO Ray O’Farrell on stage during the keynote. It will be an exciting conversation on how businesses can innovate freely across clouds and devices — with the starting point of making private cloud management easier.

OVH’s Software-Defined Datacentre represents a move towards a full hybrid experience. It’s based on VMware tools and interfaces for on premise, so customers can gain full availability of NSX, VSAN and vRealize Operations. When extended to the cloud however, these automation capabilities give even more power to IT. Imagine reducing the necessary time for deployment and security configuration to only 30 minutes! And organisations have single tenant infrastructure with dedicated hardware, built on familiar components such as VMware Virtual SAN, vCenter, vSphere, and NSX. Ultimately, this SDDC model from OVH is tailored for VMware customers. It’s more than a cloud; it opens up a hybrid world.

Also of note is OVH’s handling of tactical details. Concerned about performance requirements due to high read/write access? Minimal latency is ensured by VMware Virtual SAN and flash SSDs. Do you desire a high level of visibility into your network? Admins can take advantage of real-time monitoring. Compliance certification is also already covered for CSA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and SOC. All this is bundled in a clear and affordable offer.

OVH is revolutionising the back-end. Yet another service of theirs impacts users more directly: the virtual cloud desktop offers anytime, anywhere mobility. Simply put, this is the next logical step in the cloud era. Imagine users accessing the same environment, with identical applications and data, on any browser or workstation. Sure, this certainly improves security. But the real gain of virtual cloud desktop is in aligning how workforces are empowered with today’s clouds.

VMworld always brings out the possibilities before us. It’s simply a matter of organisations first putting themselves in a position to evolve. These days, it can start with on-demand software-defined datacentres and virtual cloud desktops.

Want a preview of today’s discussion? Watch this video with OVH’s VP R&D & co-founder Miroslaw Klaba and Product Manager Mehdi Bekkai. See you at the keynote!

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