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By Allwyn Sequeira, Co-General Manager, VMware vCloud Air

Analysts currently estimate that 15% of all workloads are now running in the public cloud which means 85% of workloads remain on-premises. With technology paradigms in transition, more customers are seeing the need to embrace the hybrid cloud – a combination of both on- and off-premises environments – which is likely the reality for many years to come. The challenge for many IT departments is that the integration of public cloud resources to existing data center practices is both technically challenging as well as time-consuming. VMware is committed to helping customers in this transition through continued investments in vCloud Air as well as expanding that strategy through partnerships with leading cloud providers like IBM and AWS to provide our customers with the broadest choice.

Here on the vCloud Air team, we are focused on making the hybrid cloud simpler to adopt and deliver a faster ROI for our customers with innovative solutions that create a single unified experience for IT, no matter where the workloads actually reside. Earlier at VMworld US, we shared the major developments for driving Data Center Extension and Data Center Replacement use cases with Hybrid Cloud Manager which delivers zero-downtime VM migration between our customers’ own data centers and our cloud service and the Hybrid DMZ architecture which makes it easier to build a secure data center in the cloud using the same design philosophies that IT uses on-premises today.

On the heels of these announcements, we are excited to share another two new services that will be coming around the corner and two new upgrade options for our customers.

New Enterprise Disaster Recovery Solution

Today, we are sharing a new enterprise-centric solution for disaster recovery. This solution combines the power of a Dedicated Cloud with a WAN-optimized pipe for the replication traffic, powered by Hybrid Cloud Manager. With this solution, customers can build their own secondary disaster recovery site in the cloud without needing to deal with real estate, power, cooling, or even hardware procurement nor maintenance. This solution can support larger DR environments and gives the customer the ability to choose between different disaster recovery methods including active-active configurations, warm standby and pilot workloads, and of course vSphere Replication workloads. This solution also gives enterprise customers access to advanced services in vCloud Air like Identity Federation support and Advanced Networking Services based on NSX technology. These additional services allow customers to support complex networking or security requirements.


With Beta starting next week, this new offering complements our existing vCloud Air Disaster Recovery offering to provide a full portfolio of availability solutions for our customers to choose from based on their needs.

VMware Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air

At VMworld US, VMware announced VMware Cloud Foundation, the unified SDDC platform that brings together VMware’s vSphere, Virtual SAN and NSX into a natively integrated stack to deliver enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure for the private and public cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation can be deployed on-premises on converged and hyper-converged hardware, or it can also be consumed via a cloud service like vCloud Air.

VMware Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air provides a fast and easy way to leverage the VMware SDDC in a fully integrated service offering from VMware. For organizations leveraging Cloud Foundation on-premises as well, the hybrid services from vCloud Air, including Hybrid Cloud Manager and Disaster Recovery, make it simple for customers to securely extend their data centers to an identical vCloud Air environment built on the same platform. By combining the best of on-premises technology and the best of hybrid cloud technology, we are bridging the physical gap between on-premises environments and the cloud and ensuring that the cloud environment can meet or exceed security and performance requirements of your own data center while still delivering cloud agility and scale.


Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air enters Beta this quarter and makes it simple to “lift and shift” your on-premises workloads to a VMware-operated cloud to meet tight timelines, cost mandates or resource utilization goals, while still being able to leverage your existing tools, processes, and skillsets. Available as a subscription-based service from VMware, Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air provides a fast and easy way to gain the benefits of a fully virtualized data center on demand.

High Performance Storage and Memory Upgrades

Existing vCloud Air customers and independent testers have recognized the performance they get from vCloud Air often exceeds other clouds. Our SSD-Accelerated storage has continuously delivered impressive results and has been powerful enough to run the most challenging workloads. But we continue to raise the bar and are happy to introduce a new all-SSD tier of storage for the most demanding workloads. Available in both a Standard (up to 6000 IOPS) and Advanced (up to 12000 IOPS) flavor, this all-SSD block storage tier has some powerful capabilities for enterprise customers including the ability to allocate IOPS per VMDK. Early Access to High Performance Storage is available this quarter in Texas and Virginia data centers.

To support large database and caching workloads, we are also pleased to offer support for virtual machines up to 480GB RAM with the High Memory upgrade. Available today to our Dedicated Cloud customers, the upgrade option allows organizations to place their largest workloads in vCloud Air and get the same experience they’d expect in their own vSphere data centers.

Both the storage and memory enhancements are designed to support your most challenging mission-critical workloads. More and more, we are seeing customers leverage vCloud Air as an extension of their IT strategy, which means they expect it to run and operate just like their own data centers, with the same security and performance they’d expect on-premises.

Making Enterprise Hybrid Cloud a Reality

Combining a high performance cloud platform with innovative hybrid technologies accelerates hybrid cloud adoption as we see customers able to move hundreds of workloads into vCloud Air with little disruption to their business. These customers are able to exceed their cloud expectations and project timelines through the ease of integration leveraging a fully compatible environment that builds on their existing tools and skillsets.

Come back tomorrow to learn how one such customer is now protecting 650 virtual machines in vCloud Air.


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