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Security concerns and networking complexity often are cited as key challenges to public cloud adoption.

Since most public clouds run on proprietary architectures that are often inconsistent with on-premises environments, IT teams are tasked with managing multiple copies of security appliances and physical connections to the cloud. The result is increased cost and complexity – the exact opposite of what leveraging the public cloud is meant to accomplish.

The reality is that depending on the public cloud solution you have in place, implementing and maintaining security and networking across on-premises and cloud environments can become more of a trick than a treat ( Sorry, but with Halloween on our minds, we couldn’t resist ).

Luckily for VMware customers with vSphere workloads, vCloud® Air™ means there’s nothing to be afraid of.  With Hybrid DMZ, you get a secure entry point to your hybrid cloud, aggregated network connectivity and compatibility with on-premises architecture.  Hybrid DMZ reference designs for vCloud Air provide a series of recommended architectures for building new zones in the public cloud with centralized security and other core services.

With Hybrid DMZ you can:

  • Implement a secure DMZ entry point that extends your on-premises security and governance policies
  • Leverage a cost-effective, high-performance design that centralizes multiple cloud entry points and shares them amongst different vCloud Air service instances
  • Maintain the same architecture, security, governance and networking policies on-premises and in the cloud

Ready to learn more? Check out Hybrid DMZ and other spooktacular vCloud Air public cloud “treats” with this demo.

Happy Halloween!