Higher education is in the midst of fundamental changes, and as technology helps campuses vmwq316-1_vca_9-29_webcast_facebook_1200x628_9-21-16_js_003-1better reach beyond their traditional physical borders, decision-makers expect IT to offer the solutions and leadership needed to deliver better services to students, staff, and researchers, while simplifying IT costs and responsibilities. That’s why educational institutions are turning to VMware vCloud® Air™ to empower institutions to strengthen and streamline IT control and capability, and eliminate the challenges of shadow technology governance while still meeting diverse computing needs of faculty and students. Sign up for our free one-hour webcast on September 29th to discover how vCloud Air uses public cloud to meet diverse needs with confidence and simplicity, and hear about Peirce College’s success with public cloud.

When open enrollment and an increasingly remote student body threatened to overwhelm Peirce College’s IT data center, they turned to vCloud Air to simultaneously increase IT performance, implement a disaster recovery strategy, and lower costs. Discover the driving factors

In this webcast you’ll learn the following:

  • Driving factors influencing higher education to move to cloud
  • Cloud options for higher education
  • Opportunities and benefits of the Cloud
  • A VMware vCloud Air Overview
  • Peirce College – Requirements, Scale, Disaster Recovery

Led by Paul Stephenson, VMware Technology Evangelist in the Americas Field Office of the CTO, discover how the vCloud Air portfolio is ideal for the needs of higher education, from effective distance learning to powerful back-end continuity and compliance capabilities.

Want to know how you can modernize your own IT infrastructure while staying within budget through vCloud Air solutions? Join us on 9/29 to find out how the hybrid cloud paired with a disaster recovery solution can improve your IT data center.