IT teams running VMware vSphere® workloads have turned to VMware vCloud ® Air™ to architecture-blue-building-business-41170-largeintegrate the public cloud into their infrastructure and meet the evolving needs of their organizations. Why, you ask? Because with this ready-to-run public cloud that’s built on vSphere, there’s no need to rewrite applications, compromise security and compliance requirements, or learn new management tools and technologies.

Here are the top five reasons vCloud Air might be your fastest path to realizing the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies that the public cloud delivers.

#1: Increase your capacity without long wait times – vCloud Air is built on the solid foundation of vSphere, which means that your public cloud architecture is consistent with your on-premises data center – so you can scale up and down into the cloud quickly and easily.

#2: Deliver security and manageability that mirrors your on-premises data center –Powered by VMware NSX technology, Advanced Networking Services are enterprise-grade cloud networking and security services in vCloud Air that combine the flexibility of the public cloud with the security and manageability that customers have come to expect on-premises. These services not only enhance the security and networking capabilities within vCloud Air but also solve some of the key network integration challenges that prevent organizations from moving to the public cloud.

#3: Enable true application portability – Using Advanced Networking Services also lets you easily move applications and production workloads “as-is” to the cloud or between cloud environments without worrying about reconfiguring security and reachability policies or about re-architecting for a new network topology.

#4: Extend your networks seamlessly to the cloud – With Hybrid Cloud Manager™ you benefit from an optimized, software-defined WAN to increase stretched network performance while reducing WAN traffic up to 50%, enabling networks to stretch in the cloud yet perform almost as if they were local.

#5: Safeguard IT investments – Because vCloud Air mirrors your on-premises workload architectures you can confidently spin up a replicated environment on demand knowing your vSphere architecture and IT investments are secure.

Check out our recently published guide Modernize Your VMware Datacenter with the Public Cloud. It’s chock full of insights, resources and practical advice on how vCloud Air can help you realize the benefits of public cloud – and put you control no matter where you are on your cloud adoption journey.

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