For service providers in the vCloud Air Network, the ability to build secure public clouds is vital. With VMware vCloud Director, service providers can do just that. The ability to build those secure clouds helps to significantly increase virtual data center efficiency for delivering resources to consumers – pooling compute (CPU and memory), storage, and networks and presenting them through catalog-based services.

One of those key resources – storage – is something which vCloud Director abstracts to deliver infrastructure within the Virtual Data Center (VDC). Knowing that, configuring VMware Virtual SAN storage resources to support a VMware platform requires the consideration of a range of provider use cases and workload types.

The latest vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP) document is intended for VMware vCloud Air Network partners, customers, IT planners, virtualization architects and admins, and others involved in the evaluating, acquiring, operating, or designing of a vCloud Director infrastructure using Virtual SAN storage technologies.

As storage is likely one of the most significant areas of change for VMware customers, it is of high interest to vCloud Air Network service providers. In this vCAT-SP document, we aim to provide guidance for service providers in developing a strategic approach to transforming storage infrastructure with Virtual SAN.

The key benefits of the features discussed in this 28-page white paper include:

  • Service providers can increase storage resource efficiency, simplicity, agility, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in their vCloud environments by leveraging Virtual SAN
  • Virtual SAN integrates with and enhances vCloud Director functionality through Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM)
  • Virtual SAN, when employed with vCloud Director, can provide the foundation for improved storage agility, service offerings, and efficiency in vCloud Air Network deployments

By the end of this vCAT-SP white paper, service providers will receive proper guidance to develop a strategic approach to transforming storage infrastructure with Virtual SAN for vCloud Air Network.

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