In his article Virtualization 2.0 Is Your On-Ramp to the Cloud published on SIliconANGLE, VMware Cloud Strategist David Hill, writes, “Many companies today are recognizing value in the cloud even though they have no plans to mothball their own data centers. To them, the cloud represents both an extension of their on-premises infrastructures and the latest chapter in the ongoing evolution of their IT practice.”

David goes on to describe this latest chapter as “Virtualization 2.0,” because just as virtualization untethered workloads from servers, this stage is about untethering those same workloads from the data center itself, enabling apps to freely move between clouds the way they can move between servers today.

While still maturing, this is by no means a fantasy. David points out that low-downtime migrations from the data center to the cloud are already possible today, and zero-downtime migrations are on the horizon. The advent of network virtualization means not just servers, but the entire network can be untethered from the underlying, on-premises hardware. You can read David’s full article here.

Organizations running a hybrid cloud model are on the road to realizing Virtualization 2.0. By augmenting their existing infrastructures with additional resources in the cloud, they are making the most of their existing investments while adding capacity organically when needed.

If you’ll be at VMworld, be sure to check out David’s session titled Virtualization 2.0: How the Cloud Is Evolving the Modern Data Center on Tuesday, August 30 from 1- 2PM. In this session, he’ll be discussing new approaches to creating a more agile, robust, and scalable modern IT infrastructure.

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