Talk to just about any IT professional and they’ll tell you that finding a solution for disaster pexels-photo-101063-largerecovery (DR) that also fits into an already too-tight budget is no easy task.

Many folks are looking to the public cloud for reliable, cost-effective DR. With a ‘pay as you go’ consumption model and the ability to provide near real-time data center replication, the public cloud  can provide a flexible yet comprehensive solution that can scale up and down based on need and budget.

Unfortunately, not all public cloud DR solutions are created equal. While many of them address the need for complete fail-over, some use proprietary architectures (read: not the architecture you have) that can make for a long and laborious recovery. Not exactly the peace of mind you are looking for, is it?

Today is Relaxation Day, and we’re here to help you find answers. If you are seeking a DR solution that provides full back up and rapid recovery, one that allows you to focus on solving actual problems rather than worrying about potential problems, then you should check out VMware® vCloud™ Air. It is built on the trusted technology of vSphere, which means it provides a warm, standby disaster recovery site where vSphere workloads and data are replicated to avoid sustained application downtime in the event of a disaster.

Seeing is believing, so we’ve filmed a short movie explaining how The Hut Group partnered with VMware for a resilient, cost-effective cloud-based DR solution. And if you’d rather curl up with a good book, we’re also prepared a few pages on public cloud strategies for protecting your IT infrastructure to learn how vCloud Air can help give you the piece of mind you deserve today and every day of the year.

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