So your organization is growing by leaps and bounds and now you’ve got more users stretched coffee-cup-working-happy-largeacross the globe that need fast, reliable access to their apps and data. Or maybe a big event is on the calendar – one that will create a one-time burst in workloads – and you need to quickly and cost-effectively spin up short-term resources.

While both scenarios are great news for your organization, they might not seem so great for you at this particular moment. You are likely wrestling with the reality that the data center you so meticulously designed now must support different needs, and you’re feeling down in the dumps.

You’re not ready to say goodbye to the data center that’s been your trusted IT partner. So don’t.

Today is Happiness Happens Day, and the goal of this post is to put a smile on your face by providing you with strategies for building an infrastructure that will allow you to seamlessly extend workloads from your data center to the cloud and back. This type of hybrid environment can enable you to provision applications at the edge of the network and therefore close to remote users and deliver the scale you need to accommodate short-term workload bursts.

As long as you are running a VMware vSphere®-powered data center, we can help you create it. Across multiple industries, VMware vSphere uses have turned to VMware® vCloud™ Air to extend their data center to the cloud.

So get ready to extend your data center – and turn your frown upside down by reading Public Cloud Strategies for Extending Your IT Infrastructure. It’s full of the fact you need to understand how to leverage the public cloud to get the most from your IT investment.

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