The explosion of data, mobile devices and the consumerization of IT have placed unprecedented pressure on IT resources. That being said, the cloud is no longer optional – it’s a necessary component in delivering the agility and enabling the innovation required to remain competitive in today’s market. 92% of U.S. IT professionals say adopting cloud technologies is important to their long-term business success.

VMware vCloud® Air™ is the ready-to- run public cloud providing a true hybrid cloud experience for VMware customers to modernize their data center. Because vCloud Air is built on the solid foundation of VMware vSphere®, it enables you to quickly and securely take advantage of the core benefits of a true hybrid cloud platform, while extending and maximizing your existing IT investments into the public cloud – supporting any application, with no changes. However, even as the public cloud becomes mainstream, issues around security, management and disaster & recovery still persist. Join our 30min vCloud Air webcasts this August and discover how VMware solutions can help.

August 4th – Modernize Your vSphere Data Center: Secure it (Now Available for Replay)

When companies start looking to expand their networking architecture to the cloud they have to figure out how to convert, adapt, or redesign for it. Even micro-segmentation can be nearly as difficult to implement in the cloud as it is in a traditional, hardware-defined on-premises environment. Security groups exist in most major clouds, but once companies start using multiple cloud services to fit their needs, the security and networking concerns arise.

With Advanced Networking Services running on VMware NSX®, vCloud Air provides enterprise-grade networking and security services that make your hybrid cloud secure. Join our network security webcast led by VMware Product Marketing Manager Craig Hosang to explore how vCloud Air works and hear customer case studies:

  • Duplicates existing on-premises network architecture and security policies in the cloud while maintaining control, visibility and ease-of-management.
  • Enables resource isolation to secure against access between tenants and olicies can be extended between on and off-site locations
  • Improves default security configuration, quarantine security compromises from spreading, and enable portable security in the cloud.
  • Simplifies network management and reduces administrative costs.
  • Moves apps “as-is” and streamlines deployment.
  • Utilizes security features such as tenancy isolation, timely catalog OS patches and user access control

August 11th – Modernize Your vSphere Data Center: Manage It

If you’re running a vSphere-powered data center, the opportunity to deliver value in a hybrid cloud has never been easier with common management, portability, networking & security services and compatibility provided by vCloud Air. Utilizing VMware vRealize® solutions you can manage on-and off-premises resources in a single pane of glass, gain better insight of on- and off-premise virtual machines, and for a single provisioning portal. You can also seamlessly migrate vSphere workloads and automate the end-to-end delivery of infrastructure and applications.

In this webcast, led by VMware Cloud Strategist Neal Elinski, you’ll discover key management features of vCloud Air and the following technical capabilities:

  • Two-way application and workload portability with Hybrid Cloud Manager.
  • Secure extension, software-based accelerated migration, and integration with on-premises data.
  • Easy management using common VMware solutions such as VMware vRealize® Operations™, VMware vRealize® Automation™ and VMware vCloud® Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager™

August 18th – Modernize Your vSphere Data Center: Protect It

Updating your backup and disaster recovery can put you in a position to better protect your VMware infrastructure, while lowering overall costs. More and more organizations are moving to a cloud-based approach that offers flexible, yet affordable data protection. In fact, Gartner estimates the Disaster Recovery-as- a-Service (DRaaS) market will nearly triple in the next three years to a revenue point of $3.4B by 2019.

VMware vCloud Air provides a simple and cost-effective portfolio of availability services built on vSphere that enable you to safeguard your on-premises workloads and keep your IT operations up and running in the event of a disaster. Join VMware Sr. Technical Marketing Architect David Hill in this webcast to learn how you can leverage vCloud Air to:

  • Protect your investment in vSphere and other IT workloads with an agentless, self-service policy driven backup and recovery service for cloud-based workloads.
  • Simplify and speed up disaster recovery planning by mirroring on-premises workload architectures, including network and security controls, in the cloud.
  • Maintain a single architecture and get support before, during, and after events from a single trusted vendor, no matter when or where problems creep up.
  • Leverage cloud-based protection services for disaster recovery

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