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Customer Onboarding with VMware NSX L2VPN Service for vCloud Air Network

Customer onboarding can be stressful, especially when service providers are encumbered by requirements. For example, maintaining existing IP addresses, preserving L2 access to on-premises workloads and additional necessities can complicate the onboarding process. But VMware has a solution.

VMware NSX L2VPN is the VMware vCloud Air Network’s approach to accomplishing more without complicating more. With VMware NSX L2VPN, vCloud Air Network partners can easily enhance the customer onboarding process with hybrid network connectivity, seamless migration and workload mobility services that help acclimate customers to a hosted cloud platform.

In fact, it helps service partners to ensure less risk and impact to running applications during the onboarding process without the need to change IP addresses — regardless of the customer’s chosen cloud platform.

To learn more about how service providers can deploy VMware NSX L2VPN, download our VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers, “Customer Onboarding with VMware NSX L2VPN Service for VMware vCloud Air Network.

In this vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers document, you’ll learn:

  • The main deployment models for VMware NSX L2VPN
  • How to manage VMware NSX L2VPN components and features for customers
  • Common deployment scenarios for VMware NSX L2VPN

With VMware NSX L2VPN, VMware vCloud Air Network service providers can enjoy an unprecedented toolset to onboard and migrate customers to hybrid environments without compromising application integrity.

Access this vCAT-SP document by clicking here.

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