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Why a Cloud-Based Approach to Disaster Recovery Makes Sense – Now and in the Future

By Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Cloud Provider Software Business Unit, VMware

Like it or not, disasters happen. From a business perspective, “disasters” aren’t limited to natural occurrences such as hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes. Human-triggered events such as data breaches and cyber-attacks – and even downtime caused by simple human error – can be equally catastrophic.

Unfortunately, based on what we’ve heard from our customers and recent surveys, it’s clear that many organizations lack a solid disaster recovery plan, as well the ability to perform any kind of disaster recovery testing. There are many replication technologies on the market today, but the complexity of building and testing these solutions, as well as the cost of staffing secondary data centers, means that all too often, critical applications go un-protected. That’s why we’re so excited to announce VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director. Thanks to this new offering, customers will be able to turn to the VMware vCloud Air Network – our ecosystem of more than 4,000 cloud providers in more than 100 countries offering services based on VMware technology – to receive simple, cost-effective disaster recovery as a cloud-based service.

vCloud Availability seamlessly supports customers’ vSphere environments by taking advantage of native vSphere replication, providing the most elegant way to protect critical workloads. It also offers the simplicity of native integration with on-premises systems – there are no third-party agents to load, which reduces both complexity and cost. That, in turn, means customers no longer have to pick and choose which systems to protect, allowing for more comprehensive business continuity.

The vCloud Air Network: Your Trusted Partner

At VMware, our aim is to provide customers with the ability to manage their existing and new workloads, have them deployed on-premises or off-premises, and be able to leverage an ecosystem of partners who give them unique and differentiated managed services – everything from infrastructure to applications. Our vCloud Air Network of cloud provider partners offer these powerful solutions around the globe, all delivered on truly compatible and validated VMware-based clouds.

Our large partner ecosystem gives customers the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, geolocation, compliance, and security. What’s more, vCloud Air Network partners help customers manage the complexity of their IT operations, by leveraging VMware technologies to migrate and manage their workloads, whether new or existing. With the addition of vCloud Availability for vCloud Director, we’re further enabling these partners to help simplify and democratize disaster recovery, creating a safer and surer environment for customers large and small.

The Road Ahead

As excited as I am about today’s news, however, I’m equally thrilled about our plans for vCloud Availability moving forward. It’s a big week at VMworld, but we’re not at the pinnacle. Some of our partners are already running live on vCloud Availability, so our customers can leverage the cloud for a robust disaster recovery plan.

“As a longtime VMware partner, we look forward to leveraging the new vCloud Availability to continue to advance our DRaaS leadership and give customers the options that best address their preferences and business needs,” said Lilac Schoenbeck, Vice President of Marketing for iLand.

“UOLDIVEO, as a technology provider, can benefit from VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director as it enable us to provide to our customers a very high-quality Disaster Recovery solution, tightly integrated with existent VMware environments, does not need any additional software and is hassle-free to setup,” said Alexandre Biancalana, Cloud Engineering Manager for UOLDIVEO. “A great solution that will make much faster to provide Disaster Recovery to our customers.”

“NIFTY could not develop our Disaster Recovery as a Service without the vCloud Availability module; It was well designed to be connected to our NIFTY Cloud management console,” said Tomoharu Mukaidaira, Marketing Manager at NIFTY. “VMware provides the core module and technical support for cloud service providers to develop the new service, which is very helpful from a time-to-market perspective.”

Through our partners, we’re proud to provide these services to our customers and will continue our work in meeting their needs.


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