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As consumers, people use all the amenities of the 21st century in their daily lives, from mobile flagsbanking to ridesharing applications. But behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into making sure these services function. Addressing people’s needs as citizens is no different. Technology is essential for today’s local and state governments. As we move forward in the 21st century, vCloud Air can help governments manage, streamline, and protect IT infrastructure.

It’s no secret that government agencies have been moving to the cloud and increasing capabilities to meet today’s demands, but along with that comes challenges of complexity. Proper management is essential. Sure, hybrid clouds are great for quickly tapping into valuable abilities, but how can governments ensure resources are maximized and operations gain agility? See the case of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a company that provides government services and IT support. With vCloud Air, their VP of Cloud Technology Coby Holloway finally discovered “the infrastructure-as-a-service capability and the multicloud management that we knew our internal and external customers really wanted.”

Of course, management is the mean, not the end. Government exists to meet civilian needs. To focus on making a difference, governments need to streamline operations. It’s about taking initiatives off the ground and making them a part of constituents’ lives. Getting caught up in redundant, menial labor only increases the gap between IT and the community. Luckily, vCloud Air streamlines the work. One customer, Pacific Disaster Center, found that “when the custom applications were ready, we simply pushed the virtual machines down to each customer’s VMware environment, eliminating the need for onsite installation and configuration.”

Their case isn’t an aberration either. This type of operational efficiency is why many choose vCloud Air. Agencies routinely build and deploy apps twice as fast, at half the cost of DIY methods. Deployment can happen with no rewrites, powerful automation can be utilized and compute capacity can be matched to fluctuating demand. If that wasn’t enough, vRealize Operations also provides extra network insight. At the end of the day, vCloud Air streamlines government IT, allowing it to move as quickly and powerfully as the lives of citizens demand.

Those involved will naturally ask: do these capabilities come at security cost? It’s actually quite the opposite. Software-defined security allows IT to create intelligent policies and firewalls. There’s excellent perimeter protection and integration with VMware NSX adds extra layers of security. Ultimately, streamlining security reduces mistakes and allows better threat response. For many government agencies, this is actually an upgrade.

Governments aren’t just charged with protecting records, they have to preserve them. In addition to staying safe in the face of cybersecurity threats, data needs to be protected against loss due to disasters. “Now that we’re using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, we can assure city managers that we remember how everything looked before a disaster happens and we can get everything back up and running as quickly as possible,” says Rob Lloyd, CIO for the city of Avondal

Looking at all these abilities combined together, the big picture is clear: vCloud Air allows agencies to manage, streamline, and protect their infrastructure. Citizens can enjoy simply enjoy services. Government workers are satisfied. In the background, IT can enjoy better management, cloud integration, networking services, agile deployment, data protection, or disaster recovery. It’s full support for modern local and state governments. We’re certainly headed towards the 21st century of governance. Feel free to join us.

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