To keep customers happy, it’s vital for any service provider to stay ahead of the curve. That means staying on top of the latest public and hybrid cloud innovations, driving internal efficiencies and delivering new service offerings to generate new revenue streams.

To help with this task, we’re offering Service Providers the vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA). The VOA is our sales acceleration program allowing Service Providers to quickly see how Operations Management can boost their efficiency and help them deliver new services. With Operations Management, Service Providers can see up to 36% better consolidation ratios and improve hardware utilization by 34%.

The best news: you don’t even have to wait to get familiar with VOA for Service Providers. Throughout June, we’ve been running an introductory webcast series highlighting the business value and technical benefits of deploying Operations Management. Check out the links below to learn what we’ve covered and what your organization stands to gain with VOA for Service Providers:

What is the VOA and Why is it Great for Service Providers?

Learn how a vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) can help you generate new revenue streams with vRealize Operations and maximize profitability by reducing costs and optimizing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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Role Based Access Control

Learn how to utilize the role based access control capabilities of vRealize Operations to offer custom dashboards and reporting to your tenants.

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Managing NSX with vRealize Operations

Learn how you can use the pre-defined configuration and health rule policy checks in vRealize Operations to manage NSX and provide correlation between the logical and physical topology for faster problem isolation.

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Optimizing Your Infrastructure: Workload Rebalance, Consolidation, Etc.

Learn how to optimize your IT infrastructure using the workload rebalancing capabilities in vRealize Operations to achieve a higher consolidation ratio for better hardware utilization.

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If you’re ready to learn more about vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) for Service Providers, go to for more information.

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