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Today is Embrace Your Geekness Day – a whole 24 hours dedicated to dorks like us. In fashion-1295985_960_720recognition of this day, we’ve curated a few of our favorite vTech Talks highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things VMware® vCloud Air™.

vCloud Air is the ready to run public cloud purpose-built for VMware vSphere® data center modernization. It’s built on the trusted vSphere foundation, with a virtualized network topology encompassed in the Edge Gateway. The Edge Gateway provides critical networking capabilities, as well as the ability to customize network settings to support your application and security needs.

And with vCloud Air, you don’t need to change your architecture or network, or security and access control policy configurations.

It’s your day, so take a few minutes and embrace your inner geekness by watching these videos that are chock full of technical talk about using vCloud Air for purposes of disaster recovery and infrastructure protection, migrating workloads to free up on-premises capacity, or total datacenter replacement.

vTech Talk: Disaster Recovery With vCloud Air

Learn about vCloud Air services that ensure your VMs are backed up and easy to access should disaster strike, giving you peace of mind.

vTech Talk: Extending Data Center Resources With vCloud Air

Get an overview of the vCloud Air services that allow you to seamlessly extend your on-premises IT infrastructure by adding resources from vCloud Air.

vTech Talk: On-Premises Data Center Replacement With vCloud Air

Hear about vCloud Air’s fully compatible public cloud, where you can “lift and shift” your existing on-premises infrastructure to implement a secure cloud environment.

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