For LBMX, processing purchase orders for customers can’t go fast enough. As the go-to resource for purchasing cooperatives, buying groups and independent members residing in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, agility is vital. These groups, seeking to leverage the power of collective buying for better terms and deals, need LBMX’s help to process these payments and ensure that vendor rebate payments conform to contractual agreements.

In their search for a service provider that fit their business needs, LBMX decided on OnX Managed Services – their story is the focus of this week’s vCloud Air Network spotlight.

LBMX needed to overcome three key challenges:

  • Ensure rapid turnaround and processing for purchase orders and documents
  • Reconcile vendor rebate payments with actual purchase totals
  • Provide a highly available service with robust security and disaster recovery.

“If our infrastructure isn’t operating at peak performance 24/7, our customers suffer, and so does our business,” Tony Fuez, Chief Technology Officer at LBMX said. Specifically, Fuez said the company wanted to focus on upgrading its disaster recovery capabilities.

To manage these demands and drives, LBMX sought a new managed service provider (MSP). After a year of searching, the company landed on OnX Managed Services, a managed services provider on the vCloud Air Network.

With its superior technical expertise and customer service during the year-long evaluation and negotiation, OnX earned LBMX’s trust when it came to recommendations. When OnX suggested VMware-powered technologies to solve LBMX’s problems, they were game.

“When a customer needs a mission-critical environment, there’s no question that we leverage VMware technology [in] every way we can,” Jason Wankovsky, vice president of architecture at OnX, said. “We’re VMware-centric in our managed services business.”

OnX now provides LBMX with the infrastructure and technical expertise needed to keep 99.99 percent availability. It also provides the purchase processing company with a flexible, scalable infrastructure with robust disaster recovery technologies.

LBMX’s newfound strengths are propelling the company forward, and OnX is keeping pace. Currently, LBMX is working towards developing its data residency strategy, which will impact the company’s international success. Thankfully, for LBMX, OnX has relationships with local provider in each of their targeted geographies and the expert ability to manage remote data.

Best of all, for LBMX, the transition to OnX was a cinch; when it came time to transition to OnX, its customers didn’t notice a thing. That’s constant availability.

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