Data backup is crucial for every organization. It’s essential for IT teams to ensure business VMWQ216-17_vCloud-6-23_Twitter_500x281_6-6-16_JS_001continuity—and securing data is a critically important part of that objective. When it comes to methods, however, not everyone is clear on which option is the most reliable and efficient. It’s a matter of finding the best-fit solution.

Public clouds reduce costs and increase reliability for backup and disaster recovery. But they also have other beneficial features. For example, organizations currently using vSphere will find that easy integrations with VMware vCloud® Air™ provide convenient and enhanced backup. It’s one of the many reasons why customers ranging from municipal governments to healthcare companies rely on vCloud® Air™.

Cloud-based backup will be the topic of our vCloud Air webcast on June 23rd. Get ready for David Hill, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, to give pointers on how to best protect vSphere workloads so you can leverage public clouds for backup and recovery. After you understand best practices and key considerations, you’ll forget about building a second data center or using a third party provider for backup.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Use budget and SLAs (Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives) to choose a solution
  • Leverage existing backup software with cloud-based platforms
  • Choose services based on quantities and types of data, ie. object storage
  • Incorporate Disaster Recovery with data backup

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