The average enterprise data center runs more legacy on-premises applications that are VMWQ216-17_vCloud-Air-6-16_Facebook_1200x628_6-6-16_JS_004virtualized by VMware vSphere® than “born in the cloud” applications. However, these existing applications can benefit from the agility and flexibility of a public cloud platform. Sign up for our VMware vCloud® Air™ webcast on 6/16 and explore key enterprise factors to consider when deciding to move to the public cloud.

Join leading cloud platform experts – including IDC guest speaker Gary Chen, the Research Manager for Cloud and Virtualization System Software and Jenny Fong, VMware’s Director of vCloud Air Technical Marketing –  as they share valuable insight into how vCloud Air can help your enterprise leverage the public cloud. The webcast will cover:

  • Background information on hybrid cloud as well as different clouds types and their respective functionalities and use cases
  • How to develop a cloud strategy for all types of workloads, including how to modernize traditional applications by executing a public cloud VM migration
  • Industry trends and key things to consider when leveraging a public cloud platform to extend or replace your on-premises data center, as well as tips to combat challenges you may experience

See why migrating your enterprise data center to the public cloud with vCloud Air is right for your business. Join our 6/16 webcast to find out more about how vCloud Air with Hybrid Cloud Manager and Advanced Networking Services powered by NSX provides a true hybrid cloud platform for the enterprise data center.

If you’re ready, you can get started with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery today. Visit to learn more.

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