World Juggling Day is tomorrow, and to celebrate we’re giving a shout out to some of the best jugglerjugglers we know – IT leaders like you.

Knives, chainsaws and rings of fire have nothing over scaling workloads, compliance mandates and staffing challenges. One wrong move and….wait, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong move. As a VMware vSphere® user, you’ve got something not every juggler does: VMware vCloud® Air™, the ready-to-run public cloud purpose-built for vSphere data center modernization.

vCloud Air is a proven approach to leveraging the public cloud for disaster recovery and infrastructure protection, migrating workloads to free up on-premises capacity, or replacing an entire data center.

So stop juggling and start learning about the ways vCloud Air can help you modernize your infrastructure to better balance the needs of your business.

Download our recently released eBook, Modernize Your VMware Data Center with the Public Cloud to learn how vCloud Air can help.