Hybrid has become the dominant cloud model, it allows enterprises to combine the flexibility VMWQ216-17_vCloud-6-30_Twitter_500x281_6-14-16_JS_002and performance of the public cloud with the security of onsite data centers. Those currently using it are considering migrating even more workloads, while newcomers are adopting it eagerly. It’s not hard to understand why, with cost effectiveness and agility to boot, the hybrid cloud is an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. It’s no longer about picking the least sensitive data for migration. The question for IT is now: how do we secure our hybrid cloud platform?

We’ll answer that question in our June 30 webcast. Neal Elinski, Cloud Strategist at VMware, will give an engineer’s take on securing hybrid clouds and cover best practices for the powerful “lift and shift” method.

Neal will show you how to make your cloud secure by simply extending existing policies and processes to the hybrid environment. Of course, that’s only possible with a provider that has those capabilities built-in. That’s why our webcast will examine techniques and considerations with VMware vCloud Air with Advanced Networking Services powered by NSX. With Advanced Networking Services, vSphere customers can improve public cloud security and network manageability, while providing a path to true hybrid networking across your onsite data center to the cloud.

We know IT teams generally feel more in control of their own on-premise security. So what if you could replicate that to the cloud?

Attend the webcast to learn about:

  • Trust groups that enable a Zero Trust Security Model
  • Dynamic routing that supports BGP and OSPF
  • Expanded network scalability from 10 to 200 network segments per virtual data center
  • High Capacity point-to-site VPN (SSL) and Enhanced load-balancing (HTTPS)

Neal Elinski is a Cloud Strategist at VMware in the Cloud Services Business Unit. A former vCloud Air Lead Architect, he has provided expert design, training, and troubleshooting support for the largest and most complex vCloud Air customers and environments. In his current role, Neal is an evangelist focusing on vCloud Air management, security, networking and hybridity. Join Neal to gain a better understanding of secure hybrid cloud deployment. Register now.