Like insurance, disaster recovery (DR) provides crucial protection for your IT operations during pexels-photo-27406-largeservedisruptive events. Yet, many organizations still don’t have a reliable DR plan in place. In fact, according to a 451 Research survey, almost 60% of responding companies operate without a DR plan.

Many of these unprotected organizations think they can’t afford a DR solution. In reality, virtualization and cloud computing are putting a robust, yet affordable DR strategy easily within reach. Today’s cloud-based solutions are inexpensive, flexible and capable of handling data replication and recovery for planned migrations or site-wide failures.

Companies are beginning to understand the value of cloud-based DR, and the market is expected to grow at a 21% rate over the next few years. According to the survey, 30% of responding companies expect to implement a cloud-based DR solution in the next 6 months; another 40% plan to do so in 6 to 12 months.

Cloud-based DR is an extremely attractive option for budget-sensitive SMBs. It’s far less complex, far less expensive, and far more versatile than traditional DR options. Enterprise organizations looking to supplement their existing DR plan or replace their current solution can also draw a lot of value from these solutions. Cloud-based DR can provide protection for remote offices and branch offices, protect IT assets, and provide business continuity if a primary site goes offline. Both SMBs and Enterprises can also benefit from the ability to implement DR without impacting CapEx budgets since cloud-based DR eliminates the need for an on- or off-site data center build out.

What is the right plan for your business? Download Drivers for the Growing Adaptation of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery by 451 Research to discover how companies are evaluating and implementing cloud-based disaster recovery.

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