Wanting to know more about vCloud Air’s reserved capacity offerings? In this episode of vTech vTech Talk (1)Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vCloud Air, David Hill, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at vCloud Air, answers a top vCloud Air Community question from our recent AVCA Community event.

During the event, Community member atc asked, “In AWS, there is the ‘Reserved Instance’ for cost savings. Does vCloud Air have this feature as well?” To answer atc’s question, Hill goes into detail about vCloud Air’s reserved capacity cloud services, available through VMware’s subscription offerings. Hill explains how you can choose between Dedicated Cloud and a Virtual Private Cloud offerings, with the option to reserve a fixed amount of capacity for a designated period of months. Included with your subscription are a variety of resources, available at all times, and discounts available for longer commitments.

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