Have you ever wondered about the power of Operations Management? Well, you’re in luck! The vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) for Service Providers is a sales acceleration program that allows you to see the power of operations management.

Starting June 2nd, we’re hosting a webcast series which will introduce you to this program and demonstrate the technical benefits of vRealize Optimization.

What is the VOA and Why is it great for Service Providers?

June 2nd, 8:00am-8:20am PDT

Learn how a vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) can help you generate new revenue streams with vRealize Operations and maximize profitability by reducing costs and optimizing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Deploying Role-Based Access Control for vRealize Operations

June 9th, 8:00am-8:20am PDT

Learn how to create a multi-tenant structure in vRealize Operations using role-based access control to enable custom dashboards and reporting for tenants. Both vCloud Director (vCD) and non-vCloud Director environments will be addressed.

Managing NSX with vRealize Operations

June 16th, 8:00am-8:20am PDT

Learn how you can use the pre-defined configuration and health rule policy checks in vRealize Operations to manage NSX and provide correlation between the logical and physical topology for faster problem isolation.

Optimizing Your Infrastructure: Workload Rebalance, Consolidation, ETC.

June 23rd, 8:00-8:20am PDT

Learn how to optimize your IT infrastructure using the workload rebalancing capabilities in vRealize Operations to achieve a higher consolidation ratio for better hardware utilization.

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