U.S. Auto Sales needed to update its IT infrastructure after an unprecedented ice storm slammed the Southeastern United States, knocking its payment collection system offline. The company, specializing in preowned high-end vehicles for customers without access to traditional financing, could not collect payment from many of its 20,000 accounts. Customers would have to either call or drive to a collection location to make payments.

“IT was given the ultimatum that we cannot ever let this happen again,” Travis McKeone, director of IT and facilities at U.S. Auto Sales, said.

But U.S. Auto Sales had more to worry about than just business continuity. Desktop computers were limited in each branch; salespersons, and customers, would have to wait for a computer to open up before sales or customer financing could be processed.  A limited budget complicated this problem; the company couldn’t afford to purchase and maintain a computer for every employee.

The company needed to adopt a disaster recovery solution, find a way to provide computers for employees and boost customer experience all while staying within a limited budget. A tall order for a three-person IT team, but they had a little help from tech consultant, Onepath.

Onepath encouraged U.S. Auto Sales to look at a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) infrastructure. It could, the agency suggested, help ease payment collection, scale desktop access for its workforce and boost customer experience — all while controlling IT costs.

Onepath and U.S. Auto Sales turned to Cirrity and their Horizon DaaS Powered platform, powered by VMware Horizon® DaaS®. With Horizon DaaS, the organization could operate a secure, highly available platform and scale its desktop footprint as they needed. Employees could finally move between desktops, needing only to login to their accounts to gain access to their information. Better yet: U.S. Auto Sales was able to reduce its total cost of PC ownership from $1,500 per desktop to $500.


The ability to quickly and efficiently take care of IT needs meant a very satisfied sales team.

With disaster recovery and desktop virtualization quickly checked off their list, the company quickly moved onto customer experience. Thanks to its newfound desktop virtualization abilities, U.S. Auto was able to introduce an accessible collection team that clients could contact even if a dealership was closed.

“One of our sales representatives commented that he can now work on two sales at the same time,” McKeone said. “While he is inputting data for a previous sale, he’s running searches for vehicles for another customer from his desk,”

The results are noticeable. Since rolling out VMware’s and Cirrity’s DaaS solutions, McKeone said the company was able to boost sales by 20 percent across the board.

Watch how VMware and Cirrity were able to help U.S Auto Sales in the video below:

Looking ahead, U.S. Auto Sales is using its cloud-first mentality to prepare for aggressive growth and expansion throughout the Carolinas. To do so, the company will work with Onepath to advance its analytics capabilities. That way, U.S. Auto Sales can forecast IT spend for existing and future stores.

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