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Now that cloud computing is the new norm, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How many workloads should I be migrating?” If you’re at that stage, and would like VMware experts to guide you through migrating vSphere workloads to the cloud, then join our upcoming webcasts for a deep technical dive into “Migrating vSphere Workloads to the Cloud” with VMware vCloud® Air™ and VMware vCloud® Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager™.

vCloud Air is a secure public cloud platform that delivers greater compute and application performance, while the hybrid cloud enables enterprises to combine the flexibility and efficiency of public cloud with the security and control of on-premise data centers. Using vCloud Air in conjunction with vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager makes it even easier to migrate applications to and from the public cloud, and extend your network for a true hybrid environment.

In each webcast, VMware Product Line Manager Simon Momber will delve deep into the technical functionalities of both vCloud Air and Hybrid Cloud Manager, while demonstrating how easy it is for you to extend your vSphere workloads to the public cloud. Here’s a breakdown of each webcast:

Session 1 5/26 — Technical Deep Dive: The Hybrid WAN with Extreme Workload Mobility to/from the Cloud

Kick off your vCloud Air training with step-by- step guidance on exactly how you can extend your vSphere workloads into the public cloud, as well as how to integrate, control and migrate workloads using vCloud Air with Hybrid Cloud Manager to achieve the following:

  • Enhanced bi-directional workload portability with reduced downtime and accelerated migration
  • Secure extension and integration with your on-premises data and vCloud Air using stretch layer two connectivity
  • Advanced hybrid management features that enable advanced visibility and control of vCloud Air environments
  • Leading-edge secure encryption

So if you’re looking to simplify integration and management of workloads and 2-way app portability, or if you’re just looking for a technical deep-dive on Hybrid Cloud Manager functionality, then this webcast is for you.

Session 2, Demo 6/2 — Technical Deep Dive: The Hybrid WAN with Extreme Workload Mobility to/from the Cloud

In this webcast, Product Line Manager Simon Momber will give a demo of how Hybrid Cloud Manager works in conjunction with your vSphere admin portal. Understand how Hybrid Cloud Manager allows you to:

  • Manage public cloud workloads from the vSphere web client for bi-directional workload portability
  • Extend your networks from your on-premises vSphere environment to vCloud Air.

Walk away knowing how a common platform and seamless network integration allows a  true hybrid experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience back-to-back vCloud Air technical training taught by a VMware expert. Sign up for our webcast series and discover how to migrate your vSphere workloads into the cloud with vCloud Air and Hybrid Cloud Manager.