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Reinvent Cloud Security with vCloud Air

Let’s say your business is expanding rapidly. You’ll need an infrastructure that can expand with cloudsecuritythe business, right? One cost-effective option is the public cloud. However, based on what you know of the public cloud, you might not see it as the best choice. After all, the cloud works differently than on-premises infrastructure — especially when it comes to security.

From what you’ve seen, the public cloud requires you to rewrite, modify, or change your current apps to securely live in a cloud environment. This requires a lot of time and resources that some companies simply don’t have. What if there was a better way? What if you didn’t have to change a thing to securely move your applications to the cloud?

Welcome to VMware vCloud Air, a ready to run hybrid cloud solution built on vSphere. We’ve reinvented cloud security so you–and your apps–can easily transition to and from cloud environments without changing a thing. vCloud Air’s built-in Advanced Networking Services deliver enterprise-grade networking and security capabilities powered by NSX technology, the same technology already revolutionizing on-premises network security across the world.

Advanced Networking Services combine the flexibility of the public cloud with the security and manageability VMware customers have come to expect of on-premises networking.  In addition to enhancing security and networking capabilities within vCloud Air, these services solve some of the key network integration challenges that deter organizations from moving to hybrid cloud environments.

For example, your organization and your apps. can take advantage of features like trust groups, dynamic routing, and high-capacity point-to-site SSL VPN, as well as enhanced network scalability and load balancing in the hybrid cloud. VMware NSX lets you bring the same tools you use on-premises to the cloud. So go ahead and enable granular security policies for workload and application security in both on and off-premises networks. Sit back and relax as you simplify network management and scale your network. Don’t worry about re-architecting your applications for the cloud–because you don’t have to.

You can expand your business in the cloud simply and securely with VMware vCloud Air.

To learn more about how vCloud Air delivers security in the cloud, check out our video below.

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