As any IT hero can attest, seasonal workload spikes are no trifling matter. Especially when the VMW-vCloud-Q2PaidSocial-042216-1200x627-v3.2[2]demand for limited onsite resources grows out of step with your budget. It’s a growing crisis … but wait! Quick! What’s that in the sky coming to your organization’s virtual rescue? Have no fear, — VMware vCloud Air is here!

Will VMware — your co-worker with a secret — be able to thwart the overloaded application overlord? Will you be able to defeat the nefarious contractual colossus? Can your company overcome its IT struggles while staying in the black and on budget?

Of course it can! With the power of VMware vCloud Air, you can tap into the power of the cloud and scale compute as needed. With services such as vCloud Air Object Storage, you have instant self-service access to storage on demand. Satisfy your application’s need for a dynamic environment while maintaining visibility, control and compliance of IT resource and data.

Find out in the latest comic edition of VMware vCloud Air’s IT Hero Saves the Day. Download our comic here to learn more about VMware’s latest adventures!


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