In this episode of vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vTech Talk (1)vCloud Air, Jim Armstrong, Group Manager for vCloud Air Product Marketing, gives us an overview of the vCloud Air services that allow you to seamlessly extend your on-premises IT infrastructure by adding resources from vCloud Air.

Seasonal or fluctuating IT facility requirements, flexible capacity for test environments, and extra space to scale up applications for a short time are just some of the reasons customers look to add temporary data center capacity via the cloud.

Why vCloud Air? The real secret sauce to extending data center resources comes from our Hybrid Cloud Manager service. Hybrid Cloud Manager allows you to stretch an existing layer 2 network fabric in to the vCloud Air data center, which means when your application moves, its IP and MAC addresses move right along with it, while still remaining connected back to on-premises resources.

To learn more on what sets vCloud Air apart from other alternatives for these uses cases, as well as the Hybrid Cloud Manager, be sure to check out this week’s episode of vTech Talk:

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