The Jockey Club is the largest commercial horse racing entity in the United Kingdom. It owns and operates about 15 race courses and hosts about 3 million people annually. But The Jockey Club doesn’t race year-round, which means it experiences both periods of rest and high-demand.


That’s what brought The Jockey Club to VMware vCloud Air Network cloud provider Carrenza.


Carrenza is a UK-based cloud services provider facilitating the cloud needs for SMB, large enterprises and government. The organization has seen a great deal of success since it started trading in 2004. And while Carrenza’s central business is still solid, recent times have seen customers ask for more blended services. To deliver on those customer needs, including The Jockey Club’s, Carrenza needed to partner with a trusted cloud network.

The search for a trusted cloud network led Carrenza to the vCloud Air Network.

With the vCloud Air Network, Carrenza can easily scale worldwide and securely scale to meet the demand of its customers. With its guarantee to its customers, Carrenza can build to its customer’s steady state and rent the peaks and troughs in demand from vCloud Air through the model – an option for VMware partners in the vCloud Air Network Program. It’s a beneficial deal for both Carrenza and its customers.

“The benefit that gives Carrenza is that we can invest in our own cloud platform and we can invest in platform services, which is where we see the value in our end customers,”

Carrenza’s Managing Director, Matthew McGrory

Watch the video below to learn more about how Carrenza, using VMware technology, helped The Jockey Club to meet its business needs:

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