By Roshni Pary, Product Line Marketing Manager, and George Kobar, Senior Technical Marketing Architect

Last year we announced general availability of vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services for Dedicated Cloud. Today, we are excited to announce that we are extending Advanced iStock_000019297039_LargeNetworking services to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Networking and Security are the most commonly cited barriers to adopting public cloud. IT teams are forced to rethink how they design, deploy, and manage infrastructure services to force-fit on-premises applications in the public cloud. What if there is a way to manage on-premises and public cloud infrastructure as a single resource pool without having to re-architect applications?

With vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services, achieve instant time to value by duplicating existing on-premises network architecture and security policies in the cloud, while maintaining control, visibility and ease of management.

Meet the demands of high traffic web applications or production workloads with high performance HTTPS based Load Balancing offered by Advanced Networking Services. The service supports SSL Termination, L7 rules and management, X-header Insertion and HTTP to HTTPS re-direct features required to host complex production workloads. In addition, Advanced Networking Services offer high capacity connectivity with Point-to-site SSL and site-to-site IPsec VPN options that enable up to 100 users and 1600 site connections to securely connect to a single gateway, providing secure access to your production applications in a VPC.

IT, Compliance and Security teams handle public cloud environments as silos. With Monitoring and Logging features offered in Advanced Networking Services, these teams can maintain the same level of control and visibility as on-premises infrastructure and suffice network compliance requirements. Edge Gateway CLI in Advanced Networking Services provide Network Administrators additional control and visibility, enabling on-demand troubleshooting and health checks.

For example,

  1. Show Firewall Flows displays the firewall packet counters along with packet flows:
  2. ANS1Debug packet display interface vNic_0 allows network administrators to look at live traffic on the interface of the Edge Gateway for Troubleshooting purposes


Get the complete CLI list here to monitor, automate, and handle lifecycle operations of your network infrastructurure in vCloud Air.

And that’s not it! Leverage your existing investments in VMware tools and processes by extending the capabilities of vRealize Operations Manager to monitor performance and health of your network infrastructure in vCloud Air.

For Example, you can add a Network Load Heatmap:


or  Analyze the Networking Topology:


or Monitor the VM utilization charts:


to consolidate both on-premises and vCloud Air Infrastructure monitoring, and to isolate and resolve performance bottlenecks faster by working with vRealize Operations capabilities that are already in use today.

In addition to maintaining the same level of control and visibility as on-premises, cloud security management in vCloud Air just got easier with Object Based Firewall rules offered by Advanced Networking services:


Modernize your network architecture or replicate on-premises architectures in the public cloud to implement a secure cloud solution with vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services. Learn more about Advanced Networking Services for Virtual Private Cloud here.

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