It’s almost like network professionals are married to their systems, nobody else understands ThinkstockPhotos-179260220their infrastructure better. Only a system administrator truly understands the importance of investing in their network’s future. When discussions of industry practices occur, they’re always adapting techniques to unique use cases. It’s a labor of love.

To address those real situations, we’re introducing our new networking services powered by VMware NSX. By having conversations with those using VMware vCloud Air, VMware vSphere, and other services; we directed our expertise to the areas where network professionals identified the most benefit.

Cloud and hybrid environments require better networking tools. That’s what VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services offers.

Join us for two webinars describing these advances. The first one was on Thursday, March 17th but can still be seen on demand. There’s still time to catch up on how to:

  • Configure and implement Advanced Networking Services
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • Manage Security Policies

Of course, network professionals will always be thinking about their own use case. That’s why our second webinar on Thursday, March 24th will be a demo. You know your networks best. Watch the services in action, to see how they apply to your networks. Register now for a seat.

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