Are you looking for additional resources to get the most out of your vCloud Air service? In startup-photos-largeaddition to the vCloud Air Community, the vCloud Air Cloud Academy is another great place to start. In this vTech Talk series, we’re highlighting top webcasts that you can register for and watch now, all hosted in the vCloud Air Cloud Academy.

This week, we’re looking at the technical side of vCloud Air, from demystifying DevOps, data warehouse loading, business-critical MySQL with DR and more. Click on the following links to go directly to the webcast, where you can register and watch now or later, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

1. Demystifying DevOps: Gaining a new perspective on Platform-as-a-Service

DevOps can be a complicated subject with expansive terminology and assorted concepts, but it’s becoming increasingly important for Infrastructure Managers and Administrators to understand. We will Demystify DevOps by providing an overview of the context in which DevOps performs their roles. This will define their agenda to create the applications that run their businesses.

2. Pop-up: Oracle HA, DR, and data warehouse loading with VMware Continuent

Database replication is vital enterprise technology but is dominated by inflexible, high-cost incumbents, especially in the case of Oracle. We introduce exciting new Oracle replication improvements that allow users to apply VMware Continuent to Oracle HA, DR, data warehouse loading, and license reduction through edge apps.

3. Pop-up: Replication in real-time from Oracle and MySQL into data warehouses and analytics

Analyzing transactional data is becoming increasingly common, especially as the data sizes and complexity increase and transactional stores no longer to keep pace with the ever-increasing storage. Join us for practical tips and a live demo of how to get your data warehouse loading projects off the ground quickly and efficiently when replicating.

4. Pop-up: Business Critical MySQL with DR in vCloud Air

VMware Continuent enables demanding enterprise customers to process billions of business-critical transactions using economical MySQL relational databases. Join us to learn how VMware Continuent adds high-availability, disaster recovery, and real-time data warehouse loading to off-the-shelf MySQL operating in vCloud Air.

5. Pop-up: Geographically Distributed Multi-Master with MySQL Clusters

Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent Tungsten multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across on-premises and cloud providers.

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