By Jenny Fong, Director of Product and Technical Marketing, vCloud Air, VMware

Every golfer and golf fan has probably heard the famous Bobby Locke quote, “Drive for show, iStock_000019297039_Largeputt for dough.”[1] While this quote focuses on two of the game’s most practiced parts, it leaves out an equally important golf fundamental: the approach shot. In golf, a good approach shot complements a beautiful drive (or helps take the edge off a drive that ends up in the woods) and sets up an easier putt.

What does this have to do with vCloud Air? For more than a decade, VMware vSphere has helped IT departments gain data center efficiencies and cost savings: putting for dough. The rise of large scale public cloud vendors has gained attention across IT and the broader industry, with big names delivering flashy new applications: driving for show. But in-between is an often overlooked aspect of the cloud that not only eases many operational aspects of the on-premises environment, but also helps provide a solid foundation for the big, new, showy applications in the mega-clouds. vCloud Air is this approach shot and you can think of vCloud Air as the nine iron in your golf bag.

Hybrid Cloud Innovation

The first public cloud to integrate with both VMware NSX and vRealize Cloud Management Platform, vCloud Air was designed specifically for enterprise needs. vCloud Air enables organizations to seamlessly combine existing on-premises investments with the flexibility of and agility of public cloud, facilitating a true hybrid cloud experience.  By focusing on VMware’s core capabilities, organizations gain access to what we do best, addressing very specific problems that our customers encounter – situations where compatibility and portability are the most important traits. There are two key vCloud Air innovations that we’ve delivered to support this:

  • Advanced Networking Services powered by VMware NSX provides customers enterprise-class networking capabilities including dynamic routing, high-performance IPsec and SSL VPNs, and micro-segmentation, all managed through a single portal, software-delivered.
  • Hybrid Cloud Manager, with the combination of vSphere and VMware NSX, is a single tool for low-downtime virtual machine migrations and stretching Layer 2 networks between your data center and vCloud Air.

We are committed to continuing this innovation and have laid the groundwork to make cross-cloud vMotion with zero downtime, demonstrated at last year’s VMworld, a reality. With these one-of-a-kind capabilities and more that are on our roadmap, we aim to deliver a cloud service designed specifically to solve common IT problems.

A Cloud Built for IT

Our best customers, those who most aggressively adopt and consume vCloud Air, tell us that compatibility and portability are the main reasons for choosing vCloud Air. They include Fortune 100 companies who are looking to consolidate data centers but want the flexibility to choose what goes in the cloud and what stays on-premises; retail companies who are looking for additional capacity to support their test and development activities with the plan to bring the workloads on-premises for production; and state and local governments who are looking to improve business continuity by embracing cloud-based disaster recovery. For the next few weeks, we are going to share the stories and the reasons why organizations choose vCloud Air and why we believe we are uniquely positioned to solve these IT challenges:

  • Data Center Replacement: vCloud Air enables VMware organizations to quickly and securely consolidate and “lift and shift” their data center infrastructure resources from on-premises to the public cloud. Whether due to a merger, acquisition, or spin-off, or when approaching a hardware refresh cycle, vCloud Air is the best solution for organizations that require a consistent IT platform (compute, storage and networking) to which workloads can be quickly and securely moved.
  • Data Center Extension: vCloud Air enables organizations to seamlessly extend their IT infrastructure from on-premises to the public cloud. With common management, seamless networking, and unified tech support, vCloud Air provides VMware customers with a true hybrid experience and the next natural step in their virtualization journey.
  • Disaster Recovery: vCloud Air offers a cloud-based DR service as an alternative to traditional disaster recovery solutions or managed services. Rather than constructing and managing a second physical site or investing with a managed service provider, customers can reserve capacity to use in an event of a site failover.

We encourage you to visit the blog each Wednesday over the next several weeks where we’ll share more about each of these uses cases and how they apply to your business. In the meantime, you can learn more about VMware vCloud Air and how it helps organizations like yours extend private workloads into the cloud.

For more information on optimizing your data center, read Replacing Your Data Center is Simple with vCloud Air and Extending the Reach of Your Data Center.

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[1] This line is probably more widely known for it’s use in the movie Tin Cup, but Bobby Locke was the originator.