Digital enterprises derive business value by squeezing the most value out of their IT infrastructure. Increasingly, that means turning to a cloud infrastructure.

This month’s vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight is on OVH.


OVH has combined the best of the distributed cloud with the best of dedicated infrastructure in its dedicated cloud model. Like a cloud infrastructure, the dedicated cloud allows any organization to scale resources, pay for what it uses and enjoy a fully managed infrastructure. And, like the dedicated infrastructure model, organizations can enjoy full access to the VMware hypervisor while maintaining a secure and confidential dedicated infrastructure.

This means IT departments can depend on OVH to manage their infrastructure, freeing teams to focus on more important — and value-driving — projects. To bring this managed dedicated infrastructure to market, OVH leverages the power of VMware.

“The VMware vCloud Air Network helps OVH deliver enhanced hybrid cloud solutions to our global customers,” Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH said. “The network gives us access to expert resources that enable businesses to take the optimal steps in their managed cloud journey. Our customers can rely on us to provide robust, highly available and secure services so they can focus on their business.”

In fact, OVH’s dedication to its customers has netted the company VMware’s EMEA Service Provider of the Year award for several years in a row. It’s no surprise why 930,000 customers enjoy a better, safer cloud with OVH.

Watch the video below to learn more about OVH’s Dedicated Cloud powered by VMware:

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