Previously, in our vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight series, we’ve discussed:

In this month’s edition, we focus the compliance spotlight on ISO 9001. Not to be confused with ISO 27001, which is based around information security, ISO 9001 focuses its standards on quality.

ISO 9001 sets the requirements for a Quality Management System or QMS. This standard exists for any organization – large or small, that wants to certify that their products and services will consistently meet customer’s needs and that quality is consistently improved. Today, over one million companies in over 17 countries have an ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is based on the International Organization for Standardization’s seven Quality Management Principles:

  • Customer Focus
    • Meet customer needs and exceed their expectations
  • Leadership
    • Establish unity of purpose and direction
  • Engagement of People
    • Engage and empower people at all levels
  • Process Approach
    • Understanding of interrelated processes within the system
  • Improvement
    • Continuous, consistent improvement
  • Evidence-based Decision Making
    • Decisions based on data
  • Relationship Management
    • Relationships must be maintained with interested parties (i.e. suppliers)

Of course, the vCloud Air Network is full of service providers who offer compliant cloud services including 50 partners compliant with ISO 9001.

The easiest way to find them is through our ‘Find a Provider’ tool. Here’s a step by step process to find what you need:

Step 1: Head to and choose ‘Find a Provider’ from the ‘Providers’ tab.

Step 2: Using the filter, check the boxes for what services you want in a cloud provider. You can also filter through providers with certain data center locations, as well as sort through providers that offer free Test Drives. To find an ISO 9001 compliant provider, under ‘Compliance & Qualifications’, type ‘ISO 9001’. To keep it as simple as possible, the search will auto-populate.

Step 3: Find the cloud provider that’s right for you!

With the vCloud Air Network, it’s that easy. To learn more about the vCloud Air Network, visit

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