Network management is hard. Network management in a cloud environment is even harder. But with VMware® vCloud™ Air, VMware’s virtualized network solution, you can make network Cloud servermanagement simple. That’s because VMware vCloud Air allows you to extend your data center to the cloud using the same network and security environment you currently use in your onsite VMware vSphere® data center. It’s a simple, powerful way to realize the network you want in the cloud.

And network management is about to get easier. That’s because VMware is introducing a new set of networking services powered by VMware NSX™. These services provide enhanced security controls, routing, network scaling capabilities in the cloud and much more.

In fact, we’re hosting two webinars on VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services to familiarize you with these advancements. The first webinar will be on March 17 and will show you how you can take advantage of location-aware routing, flexible network scaling and more to maintain consistent network policies across both on and off-premises environments. Join us on Thursday, March 17 to learn how to:

  • Configure and implement Advanced Networking Services
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • Manage Security Policies

Our second webinar, taking place on Thursday, March 24, will be a demo of these services in action.

So register for both webinars today to learn how vCloud Air can provide you with the flexible, secure and extensible cloud your organization needs.

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