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Nobody wants to find out that their disaster recovery plan is inadequate when they’re in the hands-coffee-cup-apple-largemiddle of a crisis but all too often, that’s exactly what happens. The complexity and high cost of traditional disaster recovery (DR) solutions causes many companies to protect only mission-critical applications and data. Due to resource constraints, often businesses choose not to protect all their data and end up making tradeoffs they later regret. Even worse, many don’t have a DR plan at all.

Are you wondering if you should create a DR plan or if your existing DR plan is good enough? Do you need to augment site-to-site DR or abandon it altogether because you can’t continue to support a secondary site? Maybe you want to know how to protect your vSphere environment or you just want to understand what your hybrid cloud DR options are.

If any of this sounds like you, please join John Day, Product Marketing, VMware; Rob Lloyd, Chief Information Officer, City of Avondale; and Aaron Favata, IT Systems Engineer & Information security Office, City of Avondale for a discussion about disaster recovery and the hybrid cloud. This 30-minute webcast happens Thursday, March 3, 11am PST.

Gain insights on DR requirements and options and hear real-world uses, best practices and lessons learned from benefiting from a cloud-based DR plan.

In this webcast, we will:

  • Introduce business drivers for cloud-based DR
  • Discuss how to evaluate cloud-based DR solutions
  • Review ideal use case situations for cloud-based DR
  • Provide an overview of VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery
  • Share how City of Avondale uses VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to protect critical applications, meet security requirements and community growth while reducing capital investments.

Cloud-based DR has arrived on the market and it offers an affordable alternative, or addition to, traditional DR solutions. Find out how vCloud Air can protect your vSphere environment with a hybrid cloud-based disaster recovery solution that’s affordable, flexible, and keeps you prepared for just about anything. Register now to attend Thursday, March 3, 11am PST .

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Learn more about the City of Avondale Disaster Recovery story.

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