Are you looking for additional resources to get the most out of your vCloud Air service? In vTech Talk (1)addition to the vCloud Air Community, the vCloud Air Cloud Academy is another great place to start. In this vTech Talk series, we’re highlighting top webcasts that you can register for and watch now, all hosted in the vCloud Air Cloud Academy.

This week, we’re looking at everyday use cases to help your business grow, from top trends in object storage, mobile application development and more. Click on the following links to go directly to the webcast, where you can register and watch now or later, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

1. Top Trends and Use Cases for Object Storage and Their Impacts on Your IT Organization

Attend this webinar with IDC and VMware and learn how storage industry trends and object storage usage can have direct impacts on how IT delivers services to the business. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of what object storage is, how it stacks up compared to other storage options and getting started with use cases such as backup and file share.

2. Why Your Mobile Apps Aren’t Getting 5-Star Ratings: How To Use Context To Improve B2C, B2B, and B2E Apps

While the first wave of enterprise mobile apps has largely focused on mobile-enabling existing web applications, mobile’s greatest potential lies in taking user context from a variety of sources and using it to support “mobile moments” that delight the user no matter what the task. In this webinar we explore what “context” means, how businesses can use great mobile user experiences to gain a competitive advantage, and how cloud services can help power contextual mobile apps at scale.

3. Scale Your Mobile Application Development in vCloud Air

In this webinar, we’ll share how VMware vCloud® Air™ and its solution partners Kinvey and are helping scale the transition to the mobile-cloud era through developer choice and agility, as well as enterprise-grade capabilities supported by a cloud business model. Learn how to get started with hybrid cloud for both new mobile application development as well as how to modernize your existing applications by extending them to mobile devices.

4. The Mission Case for Hybrid Cloud in Government: vCloud Government Service provided by Carpathia

VMware is disrupting the notion that the cloud requires dramatic changes in existing technology. Federal agencies have been seeking IT-as-a-Service solutions that deliver the agility, security, and cost-effectiveness promised by the cloud, without the risk, cost and time required to start over. Here, we’ll discuss how VMware vCloud® Government Service offers a solution that can extend existing IT infrastructure investments seamlessly, securely and efficiently.

5. Build Development and Testing Environments on VMware vCloud Air

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use a production-ready cloud to eliminate common inconsistencies between development, testing, and production environments that cause application errors, service disruptions, and delayed project delivery. Join us and watch a demo and learn more about VMware vCloud Air and learn how to:

  • Use a compatible, pay as you go, self-service cloud to meet on-demand capacity needs
  • Easily create a “sandbox” environment as an extension of your existing data center
  • Create consistent network topologies that mirror your production workloads

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