Think you’ve had a busy week? You should see how fast the cloud has been moving this week! We’re slowing things down so you can catch up on all the latest updates in one place on the vCloud Air Blog! Here’s the past week in review:

vForum Live Atlanta on 3/8

If you’re looking for a chance to interface with cloud computing experts, we’ve got you covered. On March 8th, we’re hosting a free one-day event in Atlanta to discuss cutting edge IT solutions for your business. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

The Catalog Service Menu Strategy for Cloud Providers – Part 1

In order for cloud providers to succeed in providing self-service, they need a succinct service catalog that details offerings. In the first part of this series, VMware’s Director of Strategy & Advisory, Guy Bartram, discusses ways to approach creating catalogs for platform services.

How a Cloud Partnership Can Deliver Trust

Chris Wong, CEO of LifeSite, talks about partnering with VMware to deliver customers a peace of mind. Discover how this partnership helped foster unparalleled trust.

vTech Talk: Register and Watch Our Top Webcasts Now! Part 2

New to vCloud Air? No problem. Visit the vCloud Air Academy to discover some of the top webcasts on how to get started with the cloud.

Extending Existing Apps Made Easier

With vCloud Air you don’t have to toss your existing apps just because your infrastructure has changed. Discover why the cloud makes it easy to extend your existing apps.

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