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Join us on Wednesday, March 2nd, from 9 to 11 a.m. PST, for the second event in our series: Ask vCloud Air (#AVCA).

During the Ask vCloud Air event, VMware vCloud® AirTM experts will be on hand to answer your questions and chat about vCloud Air, all live from our VMware vCloud Air Community forum. Better yet? All participants will be entered to win some awesome vCloud Air prizes.

Why should I join? If you have questions, feedback, or are just interested in connecting with technical experts and other vCloud Air users, this is an awesome opportunity to do so.

How do I participate? On March 2nd, simply log into the Community site between 9 to 11 a.m. (PST). To start a new discussion thread, click “Start a Discussion” on the right hand side of the page:


You’ll then be prompted to type in your question or discussion topic:


Once you’ve finished writing your question or discussion topic, publish your post. It will then be displayed in the Community discussion forum, on the Community home page and in the Discussion tab. From here, vCloud Air experts and others can respond to your query live. Make sure to refresh your page throughout the event so that you can easily access responses, as well as other discussion topics and threads.


And if possible, tag your posts with the event hashtag (#AVCA). During and after the event, you can search for all posts related to the event by using the hashtag or event name in the “Type to filter by text” box in the Discussion tab.


It’s that easy! We hope you’ll join us on March 2nd for this fun and informative event and for a chance to win some awesome vCloud Air swag.

Be sure to follow our social channels at @vCloud and for the latest updates.