fusionFusion is a global IT services company solving IT operations problems for many Fortune 500 companies. In most cases, Fusion uses world-class IT management software to deliver superior services. But when it comes to building out cloud infrastructure, Fusion turns to iland, a VMware vCloud Air Network partner.

This is because iland helps Fusion to round out its offerings. By employing and deploying an already established best-of-breed cloud provider, Fusion can deliver a superior cloud experience to its customers while focusing its efforts on bigger IT problems.

Part of iland’s appeal, according to Jeremy Bowman, IT Operations Director for Fusion Business Solutions, is its robust, VMware-based service. As a Hybrid Cloud Powered partner in the vCloud Air Network, iland is able to provide cloud services that are validated by VMware and based on the vSphere platform allowing IT admins to easily adjust IT resources as business workloads change.

“With iland’s cloud, we can have that flexibility from day one,” Bowman said. “We have that scalability from day one; we have that security from day one; because iland’s cloud is built on best practice, vSphere, VMware technology.”

To learn more about how iland, using VMware technology, helped Fusion Business Solutions, watch this video below:

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