When your CIO gives you the seemingly simple directive to migrate your apps to the cloud, ipadthere are a myriad of options and decisions to make.  Which apps should we start with?  What apps do we need to replace, refactor or rebuild?  And what is the right long-term infrastructure service?  What is the cost to migrate?

For many VMware customers, solving this equation has become significantly easier.  With VMware’s infrastructure service; vCloud Air, your existing operating systems, run-time languages and databases that currently support your on-prem apps, run on vCloud Air without a ton of refactoring or replacement. Your gold-standard images and company standards can be replicated on vCloud Air without much, if any rework. Network architectures that you’ve built to secure your applications are easier to replicate on vCloud Air, and your IT operations team will enjoy the ability to managed both on-prem and off-prem infrastructures through a single interface.

To learn more about vCloud Air’s unique features that enable you to migrate applications between your on premises data center and vCloud Air, with no changes required, check out the video below.

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