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By: Penny Collen, Financial Solutions Architect, Thought Leader, Blogger, and Speaker

Reliable IT services are crucial to the success of every business. Clients want more data storage, information analytics, processing capability and universal access with security. At times, it is difficult to prioritize infrastructure funding yet no one denies that Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery must remain at the top of the list.  Studies reveal outages can cost companies $185,000 per hour on average.  Fortunately, advances in cloud options now offer disaster recovery services with increased flexibility and cost efficiency.

VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery, built on VMware vSphere® Replication™, is a cloud-based Recovery as a Service (RaaS) solution.  This recovery solution provides simple and secure asynchronous replication, failover and failback for dependable recovery in the event of an operational disruption.  Recognizing that the needs of each company are unique, the service is easily managed to allow variable recovery point objectives from 15 minutes to 24 hours, as well as elastic cloud compute and storage capacity.  Flexible fail-over testing means no pressure to use capital dollars to provision capacity which might only be used intermittently.  vCloud Air provides scalable capacity, through reserved and a short-term add-on, both as variable operating expense.  All this results in significant cost reductions in overall disaster recovery for replication, failover and fallback.

Managing the process is straightforward.  Simplified entitlement controls allow operations to register individual machines with the service, assign recovery priorities, and enable recovery in the cloud. Built-in workflows make readiness processes easier and recovery faster.

A diverse group of companies have found   vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to be the right solution for managing DR.  Here are just a few examples of the successes realized:

California National Resource Agency – CNRA is entrusted to manage and protect the state’s natural and cultural resources, the agency depends on real-time data and system access to respond quickly to disasters like flood, fire, drought and earthquakes. With   vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, they are able to manage mission critical apps, such as its fire dispatching system, and provide 24X7 access to important data.  CAPEX/OPEX was reduced by 30%.

The Hut Group – The leading multi-website online retailer in the UK loses up to £500,000 a day if its sites go down. The Hut Group modernized its DR operations using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery™, making back-ups and deployments simple by using the same vSphere technology running in its existing data center.  They have achieved faster recovery times and saved more than £750,000 in capital expenditures.

Planview – This portfolio, resource and work management company has transformed its business model from an on-premises software company to a SaaS vendor.  As such, high-quality reliable services are key to its success.   Using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, Planview eliminated the need for a duplicate infrastructure, reduced spending, and improved the quality of service.

National Physician Services – NPS provides strategic planning and implementation of healthcare information systems. They chose vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as the key component in engineering a “hot cutover” disaster recovery solution to ensure core clinical systems remained operational in the event of a disaster. Savings of $500,000 in secondary data center costs were realized as well as reductions 74% in RPO and 90% in RTO.

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