We hear this a lot – you’ve been asked to evaluate public clouds by your IT leaders who say, 85910_JanuaryOnlineEvents_Navigating_TW_880x440_AD“Cloud is strategic”…but where do you even begin? Should you compare features and functions? Look at analyst ratings? Hire a consultant?  Join Angelos Kottas, VMware Senior Director, Product Marketing, for this hour-long webcast on January 19th at 11:00 am PST to find out how to successfully navigate the important cloud decisions that you should consider this year.

Most organizations start to explore the cloud when the business is under pressure to deliver more, faster – which means that their applications need to do more and be more.  That’s why the need to improve how your applications serve your internal and external customers and partners is at the top of the requirements list for almost every organization. However, you’ll have to deal with some inevitable complexities before you can achieve your objectives.

This webcast will help you consider the most common use cases for the Cloud: quickly spin up development and testing environments, modernize enterprise applications and free up onsite IT resources, and implement flexible, affordable disaster recovery.

When you virtualized, you didn’t have to change your applications or your infrastructure – VMware works seamlessly within your environment, but makes your life so much easier. We’re using that same approach for our public cloud, vCloud Air. Since you already have a lot invested in your applications and infrastructure, we will help you determine how to maximize these investments instead of needing to change things when you move applications to the cloud.  You don’t have to change your applications or your infrastructure – you   seamlessly move your existing vSphere environment to vCloud Air using the same management, networking, security, and skills that you already use on prem.

Find out how vCloud Air provides a true hybrid cloud experience and enables you to modernize, extend, and secure your applications from your on-premises data center to the   public cloud.  Register now to attend on January 19th at 11am PST!

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