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VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager: Most Frequently Asked Questions

By: Eiad Al-Aqqad, Consultant Architect and Author of

If you are not familiar with VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager, then please read my Faqfollowing blog post: Hybrid Cloud Manager is your bridge to the Cloud. This post will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hybrid Cloud Manager.

Which Public Cloud services does Hybrid Cloud Manager Support?

Hybrid Cloud Manager v1.1 is available for vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud offering, with support for Virtual Private Cloud and Disaster Recover expected in the upcoming months. It currently does not support vCloud Air Network Partners nor vCloud Director, where such support might come at a later stage in the future.

Does Hybrid Cloud Manager replace vCloud Connector?

No, not exactly. While Hybrid Cloud Manager offers some features that overlap with vCloud Connector, it does not currently cover every use case that vCloud Connector covers. There are use cases where Hybrid Cloud Manager might fit you better and other cases where vCloud Connector or a combination of both will be what you need. In particular, Hybrid Cloud Manager enables higher speed, lower downtime workload migrations.  Check out my following blog post for a comparison between them: VMware Hybrid Cloud Manager vs vCloud Connector

Is Hybrid Cloud Manager free?

Hybrid Cloud Manager 1.1 is available as a free download for vSphere, but currently its capabilities are only enabled when you purchase a subscription add-on. In its next iteration, there will be free functionality included that does not require the purchase of an add-on.

For more information on these add-ons, click here.

For more info on pricing visit our Pricing Guide.

Why is Cross-Cloud VMotion deactivated in the Hybrid Cloud Manager interface?

While the plan is to include Cross-Cloud VMotion as a part of Hybrid Cloud Manager as demonstrated at VMworld 2015, that feature was demonstrated as a tech preview and is not yet available in the GA version of Hybrid Cloud Manager.

In the meantime, Hybrid Cloud Manager offers great options for minimal downtime migrations methods for moving VMs back and forth between your vSphere environment and vCloud Air.

Do I need to purchase VMware NSX to extend my network to vCloud Air using Hybrid Cloud Manager?

No.  While Hybrid Cloud Manager utilizes the power of VMware NSX to extend your network to vCloud Air, it does so by deploying a special independent Hybrid Cloud Gateway to your environment that does not require NSX licenses to extend your network to vCloud Air.

While the above covers the most interesting frequently asked questions that I have been getting lately about Hybrid Cloud Manager, you could review the following link for more FAQs about Hybrid Cloud Manager: vCloud Air FAQs.


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