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Acquiring and managing a secure cloud network is difficult no matter where you are. But for those who have operations in Latin America and Brazil, setting up and managing a true hybrid cloud can be especially complicated.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution, and that solution is this edition of the vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: UOLDIVEO.

UOLDIVEO, a VMware vCloud Air Network partner, launched its own hybrid cloud solution, UOL CLOUD HIBRIDO, which helps to enable native integration with a company’s private network and VMware environment in Brazil.



With 17 years of experience in the Brazilian market — and being the first and only Latin American provider to support the entire VMware platform — UOLDIVEO offers a unique advantage for those looking to operate a true hybrid cloud in Brazil.

Since 2008, VMware has been working with the service provider community to provide customers with a simple and flexible path to the cloud, and we are pleased to have UOLDIVEO as a part of this global network.

-Jim Aluotto, director, vCloud Air Network Service Provider Business Americas Region, VMware

As you know, a true hybrid cloud solution seamlessly integrates environments with single-pane-of-glass management and single-tool orchestration. This streamlines administration, and migrations, while increasing business efficiency through a resources-on-demand model — giving organizations the computing capacity they need, when they need it, and at a lower cost than deploying new infrastructure.

UOL CLOUD HIBRIDO helps by enabling native integration with a company’s private network and VMware environment. That means companies can smoothly and securely send workloads, VMs and applications from their private network, to the cloud, and back as necessary. There’s no need to rewrite applications. Teams can even start new application VMs in the cloud without issue.

Not all companies have the workforce, or interest, in managing a hybrid cloud for their business. But UOLDIVEO also offers a comprehensive Managed Services Portfolio, allowing customers to connect with trusted third-party partners with extensive hybrid cloud experience. For the Brazilian market, UOLDIVEO is the first stop on the hybrid cloud journey.

Our work with VMware has been yielding positive results for UOLDIVEO. The release of UOL CLOUD HIBRIDO only strengthens our market position by offering a product that is aligned with the IT needs facing companies in today’s marketplace.

-Gil Torquato, CEO of UOLDIVEO

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