By: Eiad Al-Aqqad, Consultant Architect and Author of

eiad2At VMworld 2015, VMware introduced the Hybrid Cloud Manager, however, with the excitement of the Cross-Cloud VMotion tech-preview that was shown at the same demo, many overlooked the Hybrid Cloud Manager announcement. In this post, I want to introduce you to the Hybrid Cloud Manager and explain all the buzz around it.

What is Hybrid Cloud Manager?

In simple words, it’s the bridge between your on premise vSphere (Private Cloud) and vCloud Air (VMware Public Cloud). vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager is a downloadable offering for vSphere Web Client users who uses vCloud Air. It will empower you to manage your vCloud Air workloads from the familiar vSphere Web Client.

What functionality does it offer today?

  • Enables Bidirectional Workload Portability: Hybrid Cloud Manager allows you to move virtual machines across your Private Cloud (vSphere) to vCloud Air with minimal downtime using advanced replication with Software WAN Acceleration techniques.
  • Seamlessly Extends Your Data Center: Hybrid Cloud Manager allows you to extend your datacenter networks easily to vCloud Air using L2VPN. It allows you to stretch hundreds of network segments to vCloud Air over a single WAN connection. This will enable new hybrid applications and portable workloads with consistent IP and MAC address like never before.
  • Simplifies Network Integration: Hybrid Cloud Manager allows you to integrate and manage your on-premises and vCloud Air network as a single network with consistent IP address.

What is coming?

While Cross-Cloud VMotion was demonstrated at VMworld as being a capability of Hybrid Cloud Manager, this was only a technical preview of it. After all, it will be a feature that changes the Hybrid Cloud landscape forever. Look out for my following post on the topic to learn more about it.

Why is it integral part of VMware Hybrid Cloud Vision?

VMware Hybrid Cloud Manager is essential to VMware Hybrid Cloud Vision as it will be the bridge that connects VMware Private Cloud with vCloud Air in a way that no other cloud provider in the industry can match.

Click here to learn more about how you can seamlessly extend your vSphere powered data center into vCloud Air using the Hybrid Cloud Manager.