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Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Covington, Georgia, Lendmark Financial Services is a consumer finance organization, specializing in providing a variety of personal loans, automobile loans, and retail merchant sales finance services.

1217blog1Operating over 182 stores in 13 states, Lendmark had a strategy to move to a hosted private cloud environment, rather than continue to use up in-house computer resources.

Lendmark started its search for a cloud provider by performing a series of interviews, as well as market research. Soon after, a proof-of-concept approach was developed to quickly sort through the number of service providers. There was one big requirement, though: they wanted to select a provider who was a partner in the VMware vCloud Air Network – Lendmark wanted to adopt a private cloud solution based on VMware technology.

This led them to select Connectria Hosting.


Connectria’s ability to provide a fully-functioning POC environment in a very short time period was a major part of the selection process. In addition, Connectria allowed for better performance and lower latency, leading Lendmark to select Connectria’s Dallas data center as their primary data center.

There are multiple reasons Lendmark chose Connectria Hosting for hosting their private cloud solution. This included stellar customer references with similar environments to Lendmark, competitive pricing, flexibility to provide a solution that met Lendmark’s business needs, and most importantly – ease of doing business with Connectria through the entire sales cycle.

The migration for Lendmark? Seamless and well choreographed. While Lendmark was busy growing, adding new stores, Connectria helped to migrate their existing stores, several months earlier than expected. On an expected timeline of 2 years for the migration to be completed, Lendmark was able to exit a two-year transition services agreement in under one year and save the company the expenses of 12 months of service.

“This partnership with Connectria allowed Lendmark to focus on our customers and growing business needs.”

-Zaheer Khan, VP of Systems Architecture, Lendmark.

To learn more about Lendmark’s partnership with Connectria Hosting, click here or watch the video below.


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