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Busy week? Catch up on all the topics you might have missed on the vCloud blog this week! Here’s the past week in review:

vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: CenturyLink

For this month’s vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight, we featured CenturyLink, a Managed Services Provider whose services include rapid provisioning of interconnected IT environments including cloud, collocation and managed hosting environments. Learn how

Upcoming Webcast! Get Up to Speed on Top Trends and Use Cases for Object Storage and Their Impacts on Your IT Operation

On December 10th, we’re hosting a webcast on the latest trends in object storage. Sign up and discover how your IT operations can benefit from easily accessible storage.

Built-in High Availability – Why You Want It

Don’t get stuck with a cloud provider that only works some of the time.  See why built-in availability in vCloud Air can help your business leverage vSphere for optimized IT performance.

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